Ages 3-18 months
Child/Teacher Ratio 3:1 
Maximum 10 Infants

Our infant schedule varies from day to day at the Halton Centre for Child Care. Each child, depending on age and development, will have different needs so our daily schedule is flexible. Our caring infant staff recognizes that each infant has a very unique, individualized schedule and we make every effort to implement your child’s home schedule into our daily routine.

The toys are changed every week to offer variety. The program focus in the infant room is primarily gross motor and sensory. Staff facilitates child led play and exploration. The gentle nature of our infant staff is paramount in the strong attachments that quickly build between teacher and child. 

Our Wee Tots program is designed for the oldest of our infants. In preparation for their transition to the toddler room our Wee Tots participate in organized songs, stories, fine motor exposure and sensory experiences including creative art. 

The Halton Centre Infant Room offers separate eating, sleeping and play areas. Our outdoor play space is accessed directly from the classroom. There are 10 children and 4 teachers in the infant room. 

It is our mandate to provide stimulating, nurturing care so that infants can develop into confident, secure and adventuresome toddlers.

Infant Staff:

Alli Buckley R.E.C.E
Vanessa Salmasso
Karen Savage R.E.C.E
Milena Cabaj R.E.C.E