Pre Kindergarten

Ages 3.2 – 4 yearshccc_7966
Child/Teacher Ratio 8:1
Max 20

The Pre-Kindergarten program at the Halton Centre is the oldest age grouping of Preschoolers.  It is designed on a developmental continuum that takes over where the Preschool program leaves off. With a strong focus on early literacy, cognitive, math, motor and social/emotional skill development our Pre – K program is a great preparatory program for Junior Kindergarten, with the added benefit of an 8:1 child/teacher ratio to ensure each child is reaching his/her maximum potential.

Programming in our Pre-K room is inquiry based learning: children explore their environment, define and research their own theories of the world around them.  Educators observe children, their play, and their interaction with others to note current developmental  challenges and interests. Our Emergent curriculum allows children to investigate their interests and therefore be fully engaged in their learning, feel a sense of belonging and well-being in their environment, and have opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways and through various mediums.

Pre – K Staff:

Jen Fernandes  R.E.C.E
Marcela Arcila

Meredith Heal RECE