Ages 2.5-3.2 years
Child/Teacher Ratio: 8:1
Maximum 19 Preschoolers

The Preschool Room continues to focus on meeting the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of children. We believe that each aspect of development is interrelated and strive to provide a program that meets the holistic needs of children. It is our goal to assist children in reaching his/her potential.

Our curriculum is developed with the understanding that play is the most valuable vehicle for learning. It is in play that the child refines pre-reading, social, cognitive and motor skills. Of course, building and maintaining a child’s sense of self-worth and independence is paramount in his/her overall success. Our weekly program plans offer children opportunities to develop in all areas of growth. The preschool program strikes a balance between work time and free play. During work time, children are encouraged to work with teachers on pre-reading, writing and early math skills.

Preschool Staff:
Courtney Rymes  R.E.C.E
Meredith Heal  R.E.C.E
Vesna O’Byrne  R.E.C.E