Ages 18 months – 2.5 years
Child/Teacher Ratio 5:1 
Maximum 15 Toddlers

Our Toddler program, at the Halton Centre for Child Care, incorporates learning across all developmental domains.  We offer many stimulating sensory experiences. Language comes alive through songs, finger plays, and stories.  Art is viewed as an experience rather than the creation of an end product.

We believe that children learn organically through play and that Educators are co-learners alongside your child.  We observe and discover what the children are interested and create projects that will stimulate that interest, opening new avenues for their theories about how the world works.

Each child is valued for their unique characteristics and identity. We look forward to sharing with parents, the learning that we see happening and hope that you will share your insights with us too.

Once children move into the Toddler room they have their lunch in our Gallery outside of the kitchen.  This group experience is opportunity for the Toddlers to start becoming familiar with the other Educators in the centre.  It also offers a fun large group experience with the security of their own Toddler Educators.

Toddler Staff

Karen Buist.RECE

Courtney Rymes RECE

Sydney Porch RECE

Luza Crespo